Borderlands 2 – Loot the World App is Awesome

Borderlands 2 – Loot the World App is Awesome


Borderlands 2 is one of our favourite games of the 7th generation and easily our favourite co-op experience. One of the things we truly love about the game is the DLC that Gearbox keeps bringing out and the enormity of the packs. The value for money prospect is excellent. But Gearbox don’t just stop there; they constantly bring new and interesting things to the game.

Anyone who knows the franchise will understand what a pivotal component looting is in Borderlands. If you are going it alone or if you are joining mates to find the best possible combinations it is crucial to have the right equipment, and sharing is caring. Gearbox have not only given us BAZILLIONS of combinations for each item type but have also introduced the idea of Golden Keys. Which are given out via their social media outlets. The Golden Keys are used to get random, but great, loot from a particular chest in the home town.

Now Gearbox have taken even their lofty heights to even higher…erm…heights. Very recently they announced the introduction of an iOS and Android app called “Loot the World”.

The app allows you to scan any standard barcode or QR code on any item in the real world. The scanned code will generate a random in-game item which can be sent to your player. If the item scanned has been scanned already by someone else then the item initially generated will remain for everyone else. This allows immense sharing capabilities for players all around the world.

As an example, any person who scans the standard Borderlands 2 PS3 (EU) game barcode will get a pretty mean level 69 Bandit shotgun doing 30,390 X6 damage.

Finally a companion app that is fun and useful and fits in perfectly with the philosophy of the game.

Players can download the iOS app here:
and the Android app here:
Get out there and start scanning people, i need a shield with great corrosive resistance!

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