8bitbot’s Most-Anticipated Games of 2014

8bitbot’s Most-Anticipated Games of 2014


2014 promises to be another great year for gaming and we here at 8bitbot have each chosen our two most anticipated games coming out this year. With generation 8 just starting out for Sony and Microsoft, and Nintendo bringing some heavy hitters for the WiiU, we knew the choices would be tough. Follow the link to the main article where some of the decisions and logic behind them might surprise.

Johan’s pic – Dark Souls II, March 11th


With next-gen games promising to feature unparalleled levels of graphic fidelity, vast open worlds and next-gen multiplayer features it’s hard not to get excited for games such as inFamous: Second Son, Titanfall and The Division. However, come March I’ll probably be stuck in front of my PS3 playing Dark Souls II.

Demon’s and Dark Souls were two of my favorite games of last gen so it’s no surprize that I’m extremely excited for DSII. Developers From Software have said that the game will be roughly twice the size of the original game and will feature a new graphics engine and from what I’ve seen so far it looks fantastic. However most of what made the original such a hit will remain: the covenant system, its dark, moody atmosphere and unforgiving difficulty that has you on the edge of your seat for each enemy encounter.

It’s impossible for me to get more excited about any other title this year.

Honorable mention – inFamous: Second Son, March 21st


I’m a big fan of the inFamous franchise and developers Sucker Punch so I’m excited to see what they can do with next-gen hardware. The way the new protagonist Delsin Rowe moves through the beautifully realized Seattle looks absolutely gorgeous and truly shows what the PS4 is capable of. With Troy Baker behind Delsin’s voice and expressions we can also expect to see his character deliver some memorable story moments. It’s really going to be a great first quarter of 2014!

Mario’s pic – Don Bradman Cricket 14, 1st Quarter


A strange pic indeed considering the quality of new and exciting games we are getting this year. Yes for most it is laughable to think that a Cricket game could compete on any level with titles such as Titanfall, Super Smash Bros and whatever Naughty Dog brings out. However there are two simple things that makes me choose Don Bradman over those.

Firstly I know without a doubt those are going to be excellent games and so they lose some amount of wonder and excitement whereas Don Bradman promises much for a sport that has been disastrously represented thus far; something I covered in a previous article here. The second reason is simply that I’m a cricket fanatic and have yet to experience a truly decent game based on the sport. Don Bradman Cricket 14 could be the game that satisfies a 20 year itch.

Honorable mention – The Last Guardian, 20??


Seriously, no jokes, it has to come out this year. I don’t even care what platform (as long as it’s not mobile). No-one really knows what’s happening with the game and all we’ve been told is that it has not been cancelled. There was talk about it being “re-engineered”, which means that it’s most likely coming to multiple other platforms alongside the original PS3 version. It’s entirely plausible that it will hit the PS4 and Vita, it’s also possible that in an attempt to salvage some of the money already in the bottomless pit it will be offered as a download only game.

Either way I and millions of other gamers just want the damn game already. Releasing a game every four years is fine when they are the quality of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus however missing an entire console generation is totally over the top. And yet my desire for the title is still mingling with the clouds. Of course we are most likely setting ourselves up for massive disappointment, but we keep dreaming.

Delon’s pic – Destiny, September 9th


If I had to choose three things that make a game great for me, it would be; co-op multiplayer, an adventurous space story and depth to the gameplay. Destiny (developed by Bungie) seems to promise all three. Bungie described the game as being “alive”, it’s always online so at some point during your game you’ll be interacting with friends and possibly making new ones along the way. Destiny’s story follows the Guardians who are the protectors of Earths last city. They are made up of three distinct races – Humans, Awoken and Exo. Each with their own set of unique characteristics. Once a player has chosen their race they need to choose a class – Hunters, Warlocks and Titans, each with their own specialities. Player characters will be a combination of Guardians and class giving you what seems like a pretty customisable way to choose how you would like to experience the game.

Destiny is Bungie’s fist game since becoming independent and the announcement post on their site reads, “Destiny has always represented a new beginning for our team. It was born from brave possibilities.” They have shed their shackles and making the game they want to make and for that matter, the game that I’ve bean dreaming about since I was five.

Honorable mention – Borderlands 2 PS Vita (no date yet)

Borderlands 2 - PS Vita

Borderlands 2 is not a new game, in-fact it’s over a year old but what is new, is Borderlands 2 for PS Vita. This is massive for two really, really badasstastic reasons; Borderlands 2 for PS Vita will bring full four player co-op to the portable console, which will make it the first “true” co-op game on the Vita.

It’s portable. Add the two reasons together and you get an absolutely fantastic game that can be played anywhere you go with your mates. I’ve never thought of Borderlands 2 as anything but an absolutely epic game that is super fun to play together with friends and totally funny, filled with so many off-beat moments that will leave you chuckling to yourself, now anywhere you choose to play it.